Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Reflections

On this saturday morning I reflect back on my busy week. We found a great sale in town on carrots for $1.98 for 5 pounds. We have a hard time growing carrots here in The Holler. We have a great deal of clay and rock in our soil making it very heavy. Although many years we have grown carrots it is one of those crops that require a great deal of soil ammendment. So for that price we bought 20 pounds as a start to put in jars.  That filled 27 pint jars. I would also like to dehydrate some for soups and stews next week so I think I will go back and get another 20 pounds.

O Wise One has spent the week cleaning up around the farm. We have had some small honey locust trees to sprout in an old fence row so he spent the week cutting the tops off and burning them and spraying the stumps with stump killer. This tree can be very invasive if let go and they have horrible thorns that are really hard on the tires of farm equipment so we try to stay on top of them. He has also been burning out some stumps. And spot spraying for wild garlic in the hay field. It makes the hay taste like garlic which you don't want. If you fed that hay to a milk cow it would make the milk taste like garlic. Upkeep is a never ending job when you own acreage!  

I have also started a new quilt this week that I am quilting for a friend. Normally I don't hand quilt for people but my neighbor made this quilt for her sister who has been very sick with kidney disease and is up for a transplant and on dialysis. She wanted to give her a special gift for Christmas. I am really going to have to get crackin to get this done before December!  

I have also spent the week babysitting Hank. I had forgotten how fast little boys go from ornery and wide eyed.....

To angelic : )

Mawmaw's rocking chair is magic!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. If I hear you complaining about that acreage I'm going to get on a boat and row myself there to spank you ...and you also have chickens! your due for a good smack on the rump! Can you tell I'm jealous? Those carrots look delicious..Ginny

  2. I never thought of dehydrating carrots to keep for soups and stews. I just bought a dehydrator this yr so I guess Im gonna have to try that. Anything special I should know about how to do that?

  3. Those carrots look good, makes you feel good to see all those jars lined up in your pantry. I just put up potatoes a few weeks back and getting ready to make persimmon jam on Monday.
    Baby Hank is such a precious little boy! They just grow up way too fast.


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