Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mama's Going To The Dogs

Well God has indeed had a sense of humor this year. We've had snow drifts over the car hood. We've had floods and tornadoes and a driveway that looked like a mud slide. Thunderstorms and blown down trees and heat indexes as high as 114. Very few tomatoes and the worst garden that I have ever had. But a bumper crop of every fruit on the place.

 I have blackberries coming out my ears. Blackberry pie filling and blackberry jam and bags of frozen blackberries. Frozen strawberries and peach pie filling and peach jam. We ate plums for weeks and gave them to the grand kids and the neighbors grand kids. Then the grapes came in.     

We made grape juice for the grand kids.

And now the next batch of grapes are coming in. And we made some more grape juice.
So now what? I mean the kids can only drink so much grape juice.

So I started researching!

Aint the computer great : )

So okay now I've done it! Mama's making wine!!!!

Not refined wine oh no.

I've been telling you all forever that I am a cheap date.

Mama's making cheap sweet good ol jail house HOOCH .......

Baby O is absolutely shocked.

This is the woman that constantly lectures her on the evils of drinking.

What the heck.

Waste not, Want Not!  

When God gives you grapes what ya gonna do.

Make Hooch.

O Wise One has experience. He made Hooch when he was 15. At his grandpas one winter while they were in Florida. Hidden in his closet so his parents wouldn't find it. It blew up there.

He was grounded for 2 months.

O Ladies he was a wild One!!

Maybe we'll go into business.

Hickery Holler Hooch

It does have a certain ring to it.

The apples are coming in next!
 Maybe Apple Hooch.

 Then the white peach trees are just hanging with fruit.
They are almost ripe.


Maybe some peach Brandy.

Winter is definitely looking up.

Let it snow..Let it snow..Let it snow : )

Maybe I'll go to Mobile to visit my 20+ year friend Kelli and take her some Hickery Holler Hooch.

Blessing from The Holler

The Canned Quilter

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