Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pickin Greenbeans

Yesterday started off normal. O Wise One and I got up early and went to the garden to get an early start. We took Riley and Rosie with us as always and they chased mice in the hayfield while we hoed and weeded the second garden. we got more dirt hilled up on the white potatoes and the tomato plants tied up and suckered. Weeded the popcorn and red beans and thinned the watermelon and cantaloupe. We went back to the house when it started to get hot and took a break and re hydrated then went about our separate chores.

O Wise One to do some work in the chicken yard and cut poles for the pole beans and myself to pick the first green beans of the season in the first garden which is beside the  chicken yard and next to another hay field.  I got a nice little mess o beans and picked a few banana peppers.  

Then all heck broke loose. Seems the dynamic duo had found a friend in the hay field.

Their friend did not play nice. So guess what Baby O and I spent the afternoon doing!

Riley and Rosie are not happy campers. 

Morale of this blog be careful when picking your friends : )

Who was it that started that myth about the QUIET country life ? They certainly have never lived here. Trees falling, snakes and now skunks. What will the end of the week bring.....  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh my! What a picture! It must be the season for skunks! Trent set out 2 live traps for coon the other night and caught a skunk in one and a fisher in the other! Luckily nobody or the dog got sprayed.

    Beautiful beans! Ours are doing poorly this year with all the rain we've gotten for the past 3 weeks. Your canning list on the side is impressive~ makes me want to get excited to fill up our shelves and freezers again:))

  2. Hope the end of the week brings a blessed Holiday weekend for you all! :)

    Did you use tomato juice or vinegar to clean them?

    Your beans look great! :D

  3. Life is not quite in the country! Your beans look wonderful, I when to pick some, and the rabbit ate everything put 1" from the ground! Off to the pick it farm I go!

  4. Do you mid sharing your concoction of peroxide baking soda and............ is it vinegar? You posted about it when you O wise one's trapped 3 skunks........ i can seem to find the post again.


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