Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where can she be ?

Okay so I haven't blogged in a day or two so what am I up to.


With rain every couple of days now they are everywhere. This is definitely a year for the weeds. So if you miss me from time to time just carry on without me.

I'll be weeding.

That's my new job besides mowing ! And gardening, and canning, and cleaning, and laundry and ... well you get the idea ! Where is that O Wise One anyway?

Well O Wise One has managed to injure his shoulder. So he is on light duty, nothing lifted over 10 pounds. He is taking Anti inflammatories  and he is supposed to not use that arm for 2 weeks. But before he injured his shoulder he managed to run over his dog, yes Sadie the wonder pup. Sadie now has a cracked pelvis and is on bed rest for 3 weeks while it mends. Have you ever tried to keep a 3 month old pup down? Yeah..good luck with that.  So I have had to do the mowing, gardening, and taking care of all the animals with minimal help other than Baby O. After having my old butt drug up and down that huge garden by that big tiller I am seriously considering bribing the vet to put me on bed rest for awhile. Sometimes I never realize how much that old rascal does till he is out of commission : )

Indeed life has really been speeding up here in The Holler! I have broccoli to put in the freezer today. And peas to shell. Still have green onions to finish digging to put in the freezer with the 4 bags I put in there yesterday.  Cabbage looks like it will be ready in a week or so. And we will the be making kraut with some of it . Put 4 quarts of strawberries in the freezer yesterday and Baby O and I have to have 2 pies baked for this afternoon for a 4-H benefit for the local electric coop annual meeting. We are baking 2 cherry and an apple. Two for them and One for Baby O. I remember as a child making fun of the little old gray haired church ladies who were called upon to cook for everything in the community. We all know them. They were an army bearing pies and bread and casseroles when someone died. Frying chicken at the church socials and cookies for the school functions for their grand kids. They were the first houses to be trick or treated for they always had homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples.  Well be careful what what you make fun of for I have become one. Seems like here lately every time you turn around I am baking something for some function or another. Ever wonder why I can so much. It's because sometimes I feel like I am feeding the whole community. O Wise One is starting to become jealous. Like he is so left out. Really.....

On top of that we got 2 1/2 inches of rain this morning in maybe an hour and all the local rivers and streams are already bank full. So everything is flooding. The bad news is that several levees broke and washed out the main waterline and broke it. So guess what. No dish washing or showering. And they can't fix it till the flood waters recede which could take several days. Woohoo!!!! Things could get a little stinky in The Holler honey : (

We can water the animals out of the pond and there is an old well here on the place also. Just don't trust it to drink. Bought the last 2 gallons of bottled water at the store and the last gallon of milk. They can't get past the flood water to restock the shelves.

See I keep telling everyone that life is not as quiet as they think it is living in the country.

Who Knew ......

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh my gosh. *Hugs* :|

    I hope the water goes down quickly!
    You can boil the well water and it should be safe. Here in Havelock, when the city has a waterline break, they tell people to boil the water. That way you could at least take a sponge bath or make tea or coffee perhaps.
    You could probably boil the pond water, too.

    Very sorry to hear about O Wise One and Sadie, I hope they heal quickly.

    I didn't know you could freeze green onions...
    Does broccoli need to be steamed before freezing, or can you freeze it raw?

    Yes, I am that clueless.

  2. OMG's is all I could think of the whole way thru this post!!! You just have your plate full of "Everything" right now. I am sorry for OWO but I am also very sorry for you that you have lost your helper!!! It really is amazing what a stay at home farm woman can get done in one days time, isn't it?? Not to mention without water!

    Hang in there and keep that chin up!! There will be drier days ahead!

    Weeds....who needs them anyway?? Like my nephew told me one day.......I was appologizing for the weeds in my garden and he said "I like to keep a bunch of weeds in my garden cause they help shade the other plants and keep them from getting sunburnt." Great motto!!!! My plants are really going to be protected this year!! It is surely the year of the weed!

    Prayers sent up for OWO!!!

  3. I hope everyone recovers quickly and soon!

    Huge hugs!


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