Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm cooking with Gas now !

Yep my little pink pedicured toenails are doing a little jig! I have so missed my oven. I spent half my childhood with my mother trying to teach me how to bake and cook and can. I love to bake. It is therapy for me turning out those breads and pies and cakes. Now that I am old and have perfected this art of baking... somewhat... they restrict our diets and we are not SUPPOSED to eat it. Good luck with that! To take away my oven is like taking away my oxygen. Okay I ramble ....... you get the drift.

Anyway to make a long story short Whirlpool left us hanging. Gave us 15% off if we bought a new product from them. We bought all of our appliance from the small family owned appliance store in a small town near us. This town is the home of sliced bread. No really. They were the first town to package and sell presliced white bread. This appliance store is really small.  You know the type, been in business forever with no fancy showrooms or big nice displays, kinda off of the beaten path right off mainstreet. When we went to pick out our appliances O Wise One knew the lady as she was from the same small town as him. Remembered his mama's cinnamon rolls. His mama was the school cook. This woman made such good cinnamon rolls that they actually stood up at her funeral talking about this woman's cinnamon rolls. Every kid from town remembers her for that. My kinda cook! So anyway every appliance in my house was purchased from this store.

Thursday morning bright and early the repairman from this shop came and worked on the oven. Get this he called Whirlpool and did some research on that mother board and sat at my kitchen table with O Wise One and a cup of coffee and his handy dandy sautering gun and a magnifying thingy that went on his head. He resautered my entire mother board and rebuilt it.  Did not charge us a dime!  Now that is what living in a small town is all about. Integrity ! Pride in doing a good job for your customers and taking care of them ! Don't know how long my rebuilt board will last but I am just thrilled that they cared. I am going to bake Gary the repairman a pie and take to him. Maybe some bread too!

Bless his heart I hugged him. Right there with O Wise One looking on. Nothing like a man that can fix things!

Mama's cooking with gas now. I may bake for a week.

By the way Whirlpool called with a recorded poll asking if I was satisfied with the resolution of my problem by their company.

Not even a human being.

Just a recording.

Sometimes this world is just really sad.

I'm off to bake.

Call Weight Watchers as I may need an intervention

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Hahaha You just crack me up and make me so darned hungry too!!! I wish I could say that for our small town. It's a good one but we don't have the small town appliance stores anymore.

    Yay for Whirlpool!! :-)))

    Glad OWO and Baby Oops won't be going hungry anymore!!!!! Happy baking!! I'm calling TLC so they can come out and do a documentary on you!!!!

  2. Sometimes, I really wish we lived closer to each other. Because you know, I'd totally let you borrow my oven. =)

  3. Hurray for the repairman who has both skills and integrity. I love a great Hallmark ending to a story and yours has it. So glad you have your oven back into service!!

  4. Cooking with gas is Cooking! as far as I'm concerned, eledtric is a pain in the butt. Guys like that repairman are far and few inbetween! That was the way people were years ago and everybody Lived! Today it's all about the mighty dollar..Ginny


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