Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grapes and Blackberries

April is a time of cleaning in the garden and that includes the brambles and grapes. Every spring the wood that has died during the winter and any damaged branches are trimmed off the grapes and blackberries. They are then given plenty of fresh compost around their roots and then the mulch is cleaned up and replaced.

O Wise One made these arbors about 8 years ago with metal T fence posts and heavy hog panels. They are simple and wonderful. No more rotting wood or concreting posts for us.  

As you can see the blackberries are already budding out here in the midwest. It is mid April. Last year there was a frost on this date. So let's hope that the good weather holds.

This Blackberry is a variety called the Doyle Blackberry that I ordered out of Texas I think. I will never have any other as they are wonderful and just 2 plants gives me all the blackberries I can use for cobblers, jelly and jams. They make clusters of blackberries almost like grapes and are thornless which I love.

The grapes are also budding out. I am ashamed to say that this is one fruit that I do nothing with anymore. I've raised 5 kids and there was a time that we used a jar of jam a week. Toast and jam and peanut butter and jam were favorites. Now that most of the kids have left home my one remaining Baby Oops would have a hard time eating all that jam.  So many years with an abundance of grapes they get fed to the chickens. They love them though so it is all good.    

Maybe I should learn to make wine. Hmmm that does sound good but I hardly think I need another job.

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  1. Thornless is how my sister is going. Too many years of ripped arms and fingers full of sticker.

    We have lost most of our grapes and resort to possum grapes and winter grapes for what we need.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am having trouble with commenting on your posts for some reason the past couple times. I guess the stars aren't lined up just right!

    I do love your Blackberries. I will have to try the Doyle Blackberries myself!

    I just couldn't imagine letting all my chickens have all my wonderful grapes!!!! Silly lady!!!!!

  3. Thank you for posting photos of the grape arbors. I planted grapes a year and a half ago and this season they need to be put up on something to grow to maturity. I'm going to build some of these really great arbors! Thanks for the solution to my grape problem!

    I made wine many many years ago from my wild grapes and from blackberries. It turned out pretty good. There's not much work to it. Mostly you just get it started and let it do it's thing. You have to tend to it occasionally, but not very often. If you've got lots of grapes and room for fermenting, you might give it a try.


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