Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Day on the Farm

Well Baby Oops has returned from her school field trip to the prison and O Wise One is happy. You see Baby Oops is our rescuer of the 5 kids. We all have one. That little angel that comes in sobbing with the half dead baby rabbit, kitten found in the woods or yes Buster the Christmas Puppy. O Wise One lived in fear yesterday that her latest rescue would be the convicted felon of the month. So with a huge sigh of relief she got off the school bus yesterday alone : ) Thank God for the little things!

With the warm temps comes alot of hard work here in the Holler. I am on my way out to mow the grass in preparation for the Eater Egg Hunt. And yes clean out the chickenhouse. No I will not post pictures of the chicken poo ! So I am leaving everyone with images from the quilt exhibit at the Missouri State Fair 2009. Meanwhile I will be riding the mower or manning the scoop shovel. Watering the cold frame and if time permits planting some peas and potatoes and maybe onions!  So enjoy the pics of the quilts.   

Love the quilt below it was buried underground during the Civil War to protect it from them darn Yankees !!!

                                                        Blessings from The Holler

                                                        The Canned Quilter

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  1. I am so glad that Baby Oops made it home too, better yet alone!!!!! You never know who those girls will drag in!!!!!

    Beautiful quilts. I have to say I was getting pretty upset til I read that they were in a quilt show. I thought the top one was yours!!!! I was green with envy!!

    I can not believe that you need to mow already! That's what fertilizer does to you. That's why I don't use it!!! hahaha!!!!! I will be mowing soon too! Bummer!


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