Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine !!

As Easter approaches and the temperature finally warms to the 70's so comes the inevitable. I have waited all winter for this. To open those windows and turn off the furnace, even if just for the day. To strip the quilts and linens and wash and hang them out in the fresh air.

I again enjoy the satifaction of clean linen flapping in the breeze!

Of flowers opening to the warm sunshine

                Spring is the Season of Promise!                             

                          The Season of Renewal!                     

                The season of plowing and planting!

                           The season of new life!

                                 HAPPY SPRING!!!

                          (See what sunshine does to me after a long HARD winter!!)

                                               Blessing from the Holler

                                                 The Canned Quilter

1 comment:

  1. Well I was getting ready to send a search party to the holler to search for you!! Glad you are experiencing a new season!!! Me too!!!!!

    I love love love your laundry on the line too!!!!!!

    Have a beautiful sunny day!! Don't work too hard!


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