Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rosie's Day of Beauty

O Wise One and I have had an exciting couple of days! Rosie and Riley (aka the demon dogs) went to Mrs. Graces for their 6 week standing appointment for their day of beauty.  The usual shampoo and trim, toenails clipped and beards shaped. They come home strutting and usually end up fighting because Riley gets amorous and Rosie ends up whupping him good. " Just because she smells good doesn't mean she's in the mood! "

(Don't tell O Wise One but she's got a thing for the weiner dog "Scooter" from the house across the hayfield and on the other side of the road)

Bread baked up perfectly! Can ya smell it?

Granddaughter Graci spent the night and we worked on her monkey quilt. Riley helped !!

Mmmm! Grandma's blackberry cobbler!

Then got up this morning and O wise One and I took a road trip. Bought 40 lbs of chicken on sale at the Piggly Wiggly for 39 cents a pound. Yyyeeeesss! Went to the Amish  bulk store and bought fresh ground bread flour and cornmeal. Yeast, poppy seed, and lots of baking supplies and spices and fresh cheese. Yum what fun.

Got home and Look what we found peeking out from under that patch of snow!

 Yes people those little Green shoots are no other than these!

 Daffodils !!!!

Okay my whole 2 followers and guests lets hear it!

Hallelujah!   Praise Jesus!   Can it be Spring ............

 I told ya life was good in the Holler.

Yours Truly

Those goat coveting, guinea chasing, goose cussing folks

The Canned Quilter and O Wise One 


  1. Yes!! Thanks for the first signs of spring! Yea!!

    The bread looks SO good. I can almost smell it! And blackberry cobbler too. Yumm ... It sounds like a wonderful day to be at your house!

  2. Now those pups are just too cute!! The bread looks great I can just taste it from here!!
    Cobler well smack your mama!! I love me some cobler!!

    Thanks for the pictures of your daffodils peeping thru. I needed that. We are expecting up to 30" of snow here by the weekend..... {{{crying here}}}.......... But maybe when it melts my dafodils will be up too!!!! I will just stay in my sewing room and pout until then!

  3. Rebecca - 30 inches of snow??! Wow, I'm glad we only had to deal with 8 inches last weekend! I can't imagine what 30 inches would do to people around here in southern Missouri! Now I do remember waist deep snow when I was young ... but that was a really long time ago!

  4. Don't know which looks better the bread or the cobbler : ) Cute doggies-and wonderful blog. Love your "Mama sayings" on the side. My mother said all of them too.


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