Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jury Duty Reject

Friday I was called to jury duty. I was raised in a household where you were taught that jury duty was an obligation and you do not turn your back on obligations. It was a privilege to be called and a sacred trust from your community. Well do you hear little bands playing and flags waving yet? I have been called to jury duty several times in the last 12 years of living here. But have never served on a jury. It’s kind of like always being the bridesmaid. I am starting to get a rejection complex. The first time they sent me home because I was related to a law enforcement officer. O Wise One was once a military policeman. 35 years ago in another life. The second time I was called it was a trial for an adult thirty something year old man who had sex with a 15 year old girl. I have 2 daughters and at that time one was 15. Hmmm. They asked the question who had a daughter,  I raised my hand. They asked the question who had 15 year old daughter. I raised my hand. See a pattern here. They asked if there was anyone who thought there was any circumstance that would excuse a grown thirty something year old man from having relations with a 15 year old. I did not raise my hand and they sent me home. LOL! Imagine that! Is castration a possible sentence?

Well the third time is the charm right. So I got up and got Baby Oops on the bus and put on a pair of slacks and nice jacket and O Wise One and I headed to town. He had some errands anyway and was confident that I wouldn’t get picked. Don’t ya just hate that...GGggrrrrrrr! We drove to town in the sleet and snow with a storm warning in the forecast for that day. That was just what we needed, more snow. At nine I am standing in the courthouse all checked in with a number 30 stuck to my chest and taking the jurors oath. It is a trial for a young man convicted already of DWI but having pending charges of assault, property damage and leaving the scene. They begin asking the usual questions. Can you be impartial? Are you related to any one? Etc....Then the judge gets a little yellow sheet of paper. The law enforcement officer that was a key witness was having a medical emergency. 9:30 court was dismissed and I guess I am still a bridesmaid. OWO laughed; bought me lunch and we went home. Maybe next time!

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  1. I have to say we don't have many citizens like yourself anymore. I had to testify in a federal case a couple weeks ago and the FBI agent told me that they had a hard time getting a jury. Everyone tried to give excuses so they could get out of serving. I realize that everyone has busy lives, but the jury is a necessary part of our legal system. The trial I testifed in lasted two weeks and the jury reached a guilty verdict after 6 hours of deliberation. I myself have not served jury duty--I received a summons to serve when I was in college but I didn't go to college close by so I was released from serving. The county I live in does not have alot of crime, so I haven't received a summons to serve. It is good that you didn't have to serve since you had "bad" weather--the case I testifed in had to be postponed a couple days because of an ice/snow storm that we had so the judge let the court go at 4 pm on Wednesday and resumed on Monday morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Funny around here-seems like the same people get called where as others have never been called. Maybe next time you'll get to serve LOL.


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