Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Firecrackers, Baseball and Cow Pies!

Well you may ask what in the world could these three things have in common. I may have mentioned before about growing up in the country. In a small community called Pumpkin Center, in Louisiana. Mama and daddy owned about 40 acres and 30 of it being in pastures for the cows. We didn’t have a YMCA or Nintendo. What we did have was bicycles, baseball, ponies and fishing. Well country kids as a general rule learn to improvise and my brothers and I were the royalty of country kids. We built forts in the hayloft and clubhouses in the woods and hit every berry bush and swimming hole for miles. Every summer about the end of June daddy would come home with a bag of black cat firecrackers for each of us kids. Now you see most kids would simply pop these firecrackers over the course of the next week or so till 4th of July. But Oh No not us, we had much more imagination than that. We invented a game called firecracker tag. It went like this:  you had to play it at night,  in the cow pasture, in the dark. We would run around the dark pasture and play tag but we would put firecrackers in the cow pies and blow them up on each other in the process. The kid who made it to base first with the least amount of poop on them won. Mama was not a big fan of firecracker tag.

Our other Summer game was baseball. The neighborhood would get together in the middle of the pasture and play baseball. And you got it the bases were cow pies. They were readily available, what can I say. See I was frugal even then.  Gave a whole new meaning to sliding into home. Mama was not a big fan of Cow pies as bases either. That’s why a good swim in the creek was a smart idea before ya went home.

Boy Mama’s sure can be party poopers.

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  1. Oh what memories!! We used to play like that too. I didn't have the firecrackers in the cow pies cause i was always scared of them! We did ride bikes every where and hit all the swimming holes.

    I remember one time in the dead of winter a friend and I were on the creek bank drolling over a swimming hole and I slid in the cold water. On Accident (at least that's what I told ma). The friend thought it was a lot of fun so she came in too. We couldn't stand it but a couple minutes and then we had to walk home ....almost a mile FREEZING but we still say it was worth it!! I think a nice swimming hole might take away my winter blues now!! Or turn me blue!

    I made sure that my grandkids didn't miss out on what it was like to swim in a creek so we found another swimming hole a couple years ago and took them...they were hooked!! Kids today just don't know how to have fun do they?

    Did you ever wash your car or truck in the creek?


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