Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dogbones for the wicked!

t is time again to bake dog biscuits for the demon dogs. They are close to being out and we can't have that now can we. Last time we were at the Amish store O Wise One bought me a new cookie cutter in the shape of a bone. "Just so I could spoil those darned dogs some more".  Look how cute ! They must have been a hit...

Because Rosie guarded the stove the entire time they were cooking. Ya know someone could break in people...It could happen !

And Riley in typical male fashion just decided to beg. Look at me Mommy I can roll over. Can I have one pleeeaaassee?

Well the canister has been replinished and is in the fridge awaiting treat time.Extra canister in the freezer as a stand by. Balance has again been restored to the Holler.


The Canned Quilter

But wait we can't forget OWO! He gets treats too. Wonder if he'll roll over on his belly and beg?

See Rebecca he is being taken care of too : ) I'm thinking those puppies aren't the only thing that is spoiled! 

Blessings Again


  1. Now those are 2 lucky.......well loved pooches!!!! Did you make OWO any treats?

  2. The cookies and biscuits look very pretty. What do you put in the dog biscuits? I think that's pretty cool that you make them yourself!

  3. Brenda my husband is a deer hunter. I take the small pieces and scraps of venison and have him grind them for me. I make dog biscuits from the ground venison : )


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