Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buster the Christmas Puppy

                                 Baby Oops the puppy whisperer

After living in the City (Orlando, Fl.) for 15 years and working for a large theme park with a mouse as an icon. Names not mentioned to protect the innocent. Nothing like dealing with thousands of people everyday and the country life was a needed change. Nice quiet places to retire and mow grass until you die. Mow lots of grass at that. Acres and acres of grass. It is my new occupation. I am a grass mower! Anyway we only have 2 neighbors and they both live across the hayfields from us to the west. One of these neighbors was Baby Oops' preschool teacher, Mrs. K.  Now Mrs. K I have to admit was one of the best people with children I think I have ever met. Baby Oops just adored her. The K’s had a big red dog that we did not adore. On wash days we would get up and wash our clothes and hang them to dry. Sometime during the day things would start disappearing off the line. I thought I was losing my mind until the other neighbor Mrs. S called to tell me that they were laying in her dirt driveway..Gggrrrr! Seems Mrs. K’s dog has a fetish with laundry and was pulling my laundry off the line and stealing it. Then Mrs. K’s dog decided to kill all 14 of my guineas one night. Gggrrr... But my favorite story is of Buster the Christmas Puppy. Baby Oops had been sent a book home by Mrs. K called Buster the Christmas Puppy in which a little puppy called Buster had been abandoned in a snow storm no less, and at Christmas. Tug those heart strings yet? To make a long story short he wondered around in a snow storm, hungry and cold,  until he stumbled on these little carolers and a little girl took him home and adopted him. And they all lived happily ever after. The End! Now it just happened that this was sent home as an assigned reading project right before Christmas break. That Christmas we were going to Louisiana to visit my family and had spent the day packing in anticipation of leaving the next day. Baby Oops went to school and turned in her book and all was well with the world. About 2 that next morning I was awakened to a terrible noise out on the porch. Tried to wake OWO, Yeah right. Went to the door to peek out and see what on earth could be making this noise only to have something push between my legs and run full tilt into the house. I screamed to the top of my lungs. Such bravery! OWO wakes up and finally comes in to find me standing on the dining room chair in the dark hollering. He slowly makes his way into the room and switches on the light. There standing in front of the refrigerator door was quite possibly the ugliest little pop eyed dog we had ever seen, completely coated in snow. Baby Oops, awakened from her sleep from all the racket stumbles into the room and immediately toddles her way to this animal screeching at the top of her lungs BUSTER! I found you.

Yes people that is how we got ,  Buster the Christmas Puppy.

 Well Mrs. K retired after 1 year with Baby Oops. Imagine that...Buster is no more and the K’s have gotten rid of their big red dog but not before giving one of her 12 puppies to the other neighbor, the S’s. I just thought I had moved far enough into the Boonies. Will have to keep looking for that quiet spot. Next time you'll need a helicopter to find me!

Blessings from the Holler

O Wise One and the Canned Quilter

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  1. I am not sure how I missed this post but it's a tear jerker!! Wow that's a cute story!!

    I would have loved to see you up on that chair in the middle of the night screaming. I bet it was like my Morgan standing up in a kitchen chair screaming like a banshee when she saw a possum on our porch eating the catfood!!!!!!!!

    Are you ready for this one sis?........I used to live in Orlando, Kissimmee, Fellsmere and Vero Beach Fla. I know we are sisters now!!!! That was from about 1967 to 1974. We left as Mr Mouse was moving in! My dad helped survey the land for the park and would come home and tell us about what was coming. I have never been back to see him boohoo!


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