Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beans! Beans!

O Wise One and I made a trip to the farm store in Carrolton on Thursday for dog food and chicken food before the snow came in on Friday. (So much for the daffodils and my spring prediction) The Dollar store being right down the road we decided to stop by and see what they had on sale. O Wise One found 4 pound bags of dried Pinto beans for $1.00. Oh my for those of you that don't know O Wise One he loves chili of any kind. He could eat it every day. As for myself I love Bean O. Of course he had to buy them and we spent all day Friday watching it snow, canning Pinto beans and doing laundry. We put them in pint jars and they will go into chili, taco soup, refried beans, taco salads  and burritos. For a buck who could beat that. Here it is the dead o winter and we are still canning!

Nothing like a sale! No Beano on sale :  (

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  1. Well sister you won't even believe this one but here goes anyway:

    I have been very busy here on the farm with the newest snowstorm, canning a beef, bird watching, satelite being serviced and new wires run in my sewing room etc etc etc...and I haven't been keeping up in blog land and I promise I did not see this post. I haven't canned pinto beans in a while and was in such a mood to can...the beef went up so nicely.....I went to our local Super Dollar Foods yesterday and bought a slew of beans, pinto and Cranberry (October) and I had to buy canning jars.....I used right down to the very last quart jar on the place for the beef this weekend. The ladies in line asked me what in the world did I find to can this time of year!!!!! My Pinto's at this saver store was $2.79 for 4 you did good!!!!!! I still have to get mine canned. I got my feathers in a ruffle and distracted this morning when I spotted bluebirds outside my window again!!!!!!

    Enjoy all that chili!!!

  2. Oh Yes and Danny likes cornbread and Bean o's with his beans too!!!!


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