Saturday, January 16, 2010

Demon Dogs

Rosie & Riley
Hickery Holler would never be complete without the pair of little furry black dogs the kids refer to as the demon dogs.The Holler has been home to alot of dogs through the years but no one will forget the two black Scottish Terriers we now own called Rosie and Riley. Riley, O Wise One (OWO) drove all the way to Oklahoma to purchase as a puppy. Several weeks later we drove to Kansas and bought/rescued baby Rosie from a puppy farm that had advertised her in the paper. She was 10 weeks old and sick, running fever and missing the tip off her right ear . She had little hair on her backside from sitting in feces and Darling Daughter and I just cried. On the way home we stopped and Rosie was afraid to walk on grass as she had never been on it before. Riley on the other hand sat in the front seat of the car pouting all the way home and refused to even look at baby Rosie in the back seat. After a trip to the vet, a shave job on the matted hair on her rump, a good bath and antibiotics she was quickly on the way to recovery and running the house. Rosie loves to watch television and she especially loves Animal Planet. Riley has always been "Mama's Little Man" and is at my feet. If I am in the flower beds Riley is at my feet helping. If I am gardening Riley is digging for moles in the dirt or mice in the vegetation. He rides the four wheeler with OWO and makes his rounds everyday guarding his farm from all outside predators. But mostly he digs voles. If you walk out through the hayfields you will see small holes everywhere. These are the remnants of vole holes that Riley and Rosie have dug out hunting and killing voles. When the garden was plowed last year it sat for several days until we planted it. When OWO and I went out to plant it Riley was running around the entire Garden digging things up. We couldn't figure out what until on closer inspection we saw that he was digging up all the dead voles he had buried there in the last 3 days and moving them. Talking about treasure! The absolute favorite thing for the demon dogs to do is go on road trips. OWO puts them in his red truck and rolls down the windows. They proceed to ride to the small store with a little black furry dog hanging out each window harassing all that they pass. Then OWO will buy them each a beef jerkytreat. But if you ask OWO he will immediately tell you how I have spoiled those darn dogs!
However, no farm is complete without it's trusty farm dogs. And no matter if it is chasing the grandkids, catching the mice and voles, or harassing the mailman at the door, Riley and Rosie are an important part of Hickery Holler.
And our hearts : )

Blessings from the Holler,

The Canned Quilter

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  1. What a great start to your blog! Love the pups! How cute, they look like they could be demon dogs, lol, I have a Rosie also.


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