Thursday, June 10, 2021

Dehydrated Elderberries


I have been cleaning out my freezer and still had a couple bags of elderberries in there to do something with. I decided to dehydrate them for tea. In the future I want to develop a recipe for canned elderberry pie filling and also experiment with some elderberry cordial or some sort of elderberry liqueur. But that is another day. I just had my first crop last year. But my bushes are huge and loaded this year and the crop looks promising. 

So I pulled out my berries and had to come up with a way to keep those little berries on my dehydrator tray screens without having to chase down little blue bb's when they shrunk after dehydrated. 

So I took parchment paper and cut the corners and took a paper clip and fastened it. Worked GREAT!!!

I just took the dried berries and put them in jars with oxygen absorbers. I can rehydrate these and cook down for syrup or pie filling but mostly I make tea with them. Just add a teaspoon or two to a teabag.

Elderberries have been such a wonderful addition to our gardens Easy to grow, easy to propagate, easy to preserve. And even better than that disease and pest free.

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  1. So glad to see you posting again! I am sorry to hear you had a difficult year. Your gardening posts are really inspiring and I hope you continue to improve.

  2. Ah, the paperclip trick! Perfect! I am glad you shared your idea as it chased my worries away. This season I shall put it to good use, and often! Thank you!


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