Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fermenting Vegetables


This time of year as summer begins to fade slowly into fall the summer vegetables roll in through that back door daily. Snap beans, okra, squash, cucumbers and peppers. All those heat loving vegetables that I used to, in days of old, pickle endlessly. These days though we rarely eat pickles. Instead we prefer to eat less and ferment a few jars to keep in the refrigerator until they are gone. We enjoy that crisp fresh taste as opposed to the vinegar pickles of old. And we find that they are better for you. 

I start with a clean half gallon jar and disinfect with boiling water.

 I wash my vegetables with cold water and cut off the blossom end of cucumbers and squash and trim stems on okra.

 I took the end off of the green beans and sliced some peppers an onions, Think more chunks so that they could be gotten out of the jar easier but you could do smaller slices.

 I layered the fresh dill with the vegetables in the jar until about 2 inches from top.

 I mixed a brine of 3 Tablespoons sea salt to 1 quart distilled water and mix well until salt is dissolved.

 Pour this over the vegetables in the jar to cover. It will take more than 1. Then I take a small ziploc bag and put brine in bag removing air from bag as much as possible.

 Place bag of water on top of vegetables and brine to hold the veggies under the brine. 

Then I take a clean ring and lid and place on jar and finger tighten. 

Everyday I loosen the lid and burp the air from the jar. Then tighten the lid back down finger tight. Wash the jar and place the jar back in a glass baking dish in case it leaks. 

I let it sit on the counter after about 5 days I will taste if it is to my liking. Once I like the taste I put it in the fridge to stop the fermentation process. Keep if refrigerated and enjoy. 

The longer it ferments the softer the vegetables get. I like my vegetables to be a little crunchy. 

They should last 6 to 8 weeks in the fridge if not longer. 

There are lots of sites and videos out there on fermenting but that is the basics. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Thank you so much for the recipe. It seems simple enough to do. Can you use any vegetables -- sort of like a gardeniere? What about adding garlic?

    1. Yeah you can use whatever you like. I added garlic, onion and dill. Then whatever I had picked that day. It is in the refrigerator now. I like mine crunchy.

  2. Thanks! I've never tried this and look forward to it.


  3. Question, my onions are quite pungent and it is a chore to cut them up for the dehydrator, Any suggestions on what to do to keep my tears from flowing. Corn done for the freezer and lots of corn relish, which we love.

    1. I have lots of candles that I put on the table where I am chopping and burn. That helps.

  4. I know this is off topic, forgive me. Have you ever canned trout and does it stink up the house?

  5. No I have never lived anywhere where trout was common until now. I have canned buffalo (the fish) and drum. There was some stink but not overwhelming.

  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I’m in North Idaho so trout is plentiful and I thought I should give it a try if it didn’t run us out of the house! ; )
    Have a fabulous week
    Peace and Blessings

    1. Love to have some pics and your opinion on it. Come back and let us know.

  7. I would do love to know the cucumber chip pickle recipe. They look addictive !! I hope I didn't overlook where you may have already posted that recipe. Thank you so much!!


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