Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Canning Ground Beef


With the situation the way it is in the nation right now I came across a sale on ground meat and thought I should take advantage of it while it was available. To conserve freezer space I canned part of it. It really is very simple and straight forward. I put the meat in a skillet and browned it about 2 pounds at a time. I did not brown it dark because remember it is going to pressure can for 90 minutes. I try to buy the leanest I can get. This was 85 percent lean. As I cooked it I took a spoon and ladled out as much fat as I could with a spoon. Then I put it in a large bowl and browned another 2 pounds. Remember the less fat the better. 

Then I took my meat and put it in a large colander and poured boiling water over it to wash away any remaining fat. Just a quick pour you are not bathing it. 

Once the meat has drained I placed it in sterile pint jars and poured hot broth made from beef base and boiling water over the meat to cover. 

Then I removed air bubbles. Then I took a paper towel with a little vinegar water on it and wiped the rims to remove any oil on the rim and placed lids and rings on the jars and finger tightened. 

Each pint jar held a little under a pound. Then I processed for 90 minutes in the pressure canner. 

Remove jars and let cool for 24 hours. 

They say it will last for several years.

Mine has never lasted that long.

To use you can drain the broth off and use it in another dish and use the meat or use the broth in your dish. I use this to make tater tot casserole. I make homemade mushroom soup with the broth and add it back to the burger. Add a pint of mixed vegetables and some sauteed onions and garlic. Add your tater tots to the top and you are ready to bake. Shepherds pie same way. To me this is like making your own convenience food. 

Note** These jars in the picture are still hot. When they cooled there was a fine white film of fat on the top. Not very thick at all.  Maybe 1/8 inch. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It is such a great idea to preserve some without relying on the freezer. The tater tot casserole sounds heavenly! It is such a great idea to preserve some without relying on the freezer. The tater tot casserole sounds heavenly!

    1. It is very convenient and a peace of mind to know that I have some stuck back just in case.

  2. thank you for all your great ideas....now to find a good meat deal.......

  3. I've read that canning meat changes it to an unpleasant texture. Have you found that to be true in your case? I'd love to have some ground beef on the shelf (I already do chicken and chuck).

  4. My personal opinion is yes it does a little but it is in very small chunks and in a casserole or soup mixed with lots of other textures and flavors You don;t really notice. Or my family doesn't anyway.


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