Thursday, July 23, 2020

Coffee and a Chat

Coffee is on the table pull up a chair and visit awhile! Been hotter than Hades here but we finally got some rain the other night. About 2 1/2 inches worth so now we got another round of weeds coming up. Boy this has been a weedy year. Tomatoes hanging on the vine so it is a waiting game now keeping the birds, squirrels and bugs out of them long enough to get them in the pot. 

I am hip deep in green beans but that is okay we are working our way through them. Baking zucchini bread every other day for the freezer and sealing in vacuum bags. I cut the loaves in half now and freeze them. O Wise One takes out half a loaf when he wants bread during the winter. Squash are coming in and we had fried squash last night for dinner. We don't fry it often but when we do we enjoy it!

I have heard from a couple people saying they are having trouble finding lids these days for canning. Yeah they are a hot commodity right now I have seen them more off the beaten path in the last 4 or 5 months. Try smaller groceries or maybe Amish stores if you have them around. In the future ladies that might be one thing you want to stock a large quantity of all the time. I buy them whenever I see them and have a huge stockpile that I guard zealously.

I did order an additional 200 mylar bags for storing dried foods and oxygen absorbers. I like to dehydrate things and mylar bags are wonderful for dehydrated food as it keeps out the light to keep them from losing color. Also great fro storing those beans and rice we all have snatched up just in case too! They like jar lids are becoming hard to find.

The other item is Food Saver or whatever brand of vacuum bag you use if you have a vacuum machine. Those things are getting scarce also. 

These are all items we use regularly throughout the gardening season and year round. 

On a personal note I need to apologize to everyone today. 

Many of you follow me or even found me initially all those years ago on Pinterest. My heart is heavy today to tell you my Pinterest boards are mostly gone. I have been dealing for a week now with Pinterest support as someone from PAKISTAN hacked my board with 23,000 followers, turned it into a paid site, locked me out of it and it became a paid porn site. All to get to those 23,000 followers.  I literally cried. I have had that board for a decade. Since the beginning of Pinterest. I used it to save recipes I wanted to try and sites for seeds and plants etc. It was a wealth of homesteading information down through the years hence all the followers. If anyone tried to go on there I am truly sorry. I have been working on cleaning it up now that it is back in my hands. I have spent hours going through every single pin on there and deleting the filth. What little information is left I will try to clean up. All the gardening, cooking , canning recipes or crochet and knit patterns I have amassed through the years are gone though. I kick myself for not printing hard copies of all of it. Learn from my mistakes ladies. Fire up those printers. I will leave the account up and try to rebuild it as much as possible though. Repercussions none! Pinterest can't touch them. Update them passwords ladies! Evil abounds .......

Well I am off to refill my cup and zucchini bread is waiting for me to bake already this morning. I am thankful for every crumb. I am going to start slicing onions for the dehydrator as well. Everyone stay safe in all this madness around us.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Hot hear in Utah also, although yesterday was only in the low to mid 70's with some rain, wonderful day to work in the yard and attack those weeds, cool this am and thunderstorms coming in the afternoon. So sorry about your pinterst site, it is a crazy world we live in. Amazed at all you do, I am starting to can, we are a bit behind you in harvesting. Will dry and freeze a lot of peppers which quite abundant this year. I am so grateful for my yard and garden and that I can help out my grands and their families with garden stuff. They love to shop in Grandma's storage room!! Have a great day

  2. First off let me say how sorry I am for all you lost on Pinterest. That is devastating. And the fact they will do nothing to punish those responsible makes my blood boil. I have never gotten the Pinterst bug and will not now knowing that do not protect those using their system. This is a wake up call to us all, too. Back up everything you want, just in case.

    We are hot here in Ohio, too. The last few days we have got rain and I am grateful for it! It sure makes pulling weeds easier. Our garden got put in late, but is producing. We have eaten our first tomatoes. Is there anything better than the first tomato out of your garden?! We had fried zucchini for lunch today. The yellow crook neck squash are coming on and we have baby green beans! I've been using onions and spinach and broccoli from the garden and the lettuces are ready now, hooray! Life is good when you are eating out of your garden. I am thankful we got this one going this year. The first year garden is a trial for sure.

    I need to get more lids and jars. Hopefully I will be able to where I live. I have not noticed a scarcity yet.

    Thanks for taking the time to post, I know it is a lot of work. It is appreciated!
    Take care and stay safe,

  3. I'm SO sorry! Beans and bread...gorgeous.

  4. I'm so sorry about your Pintrest boards, how frustrating!

  5. I bake my zucchini bread in small loaf pans and then freeze. Each one is just enough to thaw out and eat all in one morning with coffee. I bought lids awhile back, but might not have enough of them. Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. I am so sorry that your board was hacked. I have had my Pinterest account for about ten years and I would be devastated if I lost it. I try to print off the ‘winners’, but now you have reminded me I should go through and save a bit more. People have too much time on their hands....what is the point of even hacking someone!? I just don’t understand it.

  7. I know this is an older entry but this is what happened toy blog: Laura wWilliams Musings. All my recipes, gardening, canning gone. Blogspot would do nothing to give the blog back to me. I ended up having to create another blog but I don't posy on it. On another note... so glad to be reading your posts again. --- Laura


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