Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The deer and rabbits are thick this year. We have tried everything to discourage their visits. Some nights we succeed and some nights we don't. The gardens smell of strong floral perfume as I made a special batch of really STINKY homemade perfumed soap just for the garden. I mixed all the fragrance oils that I did not like and put LOTS in the soap batch. And it does stink. I really do think it has helped so far in some parts of the garden where it is hanging.  

Notice in the picture above the black blob in the bottom right corner. That is my do'gs hair, When I groom them now I scatter it around my garden. Does it help? I guess it depends on how motivated the critters are.  

And my secret weapon is no other than Sadie the wonder pup. We have started chaining her out by the garden at night to discourage visitors. She would much rather sleep back by the washing machine but O Wise One gave her a lecture about earning her keep. Has it helped? Not really the deer eat within 20 feet of the end of the chain she is on. If we do not chain her she will be camping out by the back door waiting for some unsuspecting fool to open the thing so she can plow them down to get in the house and air conditioning. 

I was explaining to my friend Gail the other day that the amount of venison I eat during the winter is directly dependent on how much they annoy me throughout gardening season. I think we will be dining alot on both venison and rabbit this winter season. 

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  1. Maybe you could sell your soap as an organic critter repellent. :o)
    While I am sorry to hear about your critter problems, I am going to look forward to seeing some rabbit and venison recipes. :o)

  2. I have noticed ours are moving closer too. I believe it is the dry weather. Our garden is the own cafe open right now!

  3. Absolutely, we're scoping out our little pea biter! We don't have a dog and even if I did, we have so many coyotes that it wouldn't last the night chained up. Our fishing line worked wonders until I had to put up chicken wire for the skunk. Now the deer see it and hop the line so I'll have to take down the wire to keep deer out-not sure which choice I'll make. We sprinkled some citronella scented pellets around which worked until the big rainstorm. I thought about planting a feed bed elsewhere for them but my husband thought it might just attract more.

  4. While you have deer and rabbits, we have mice and birds that love to feed on our crops. Mice love our corn and the birds will often beat us to the fruits. Such is farm life with the wild creatures.

  5. I think I would be preparing my freezer for several fresh kills this summer!

  6. I read (but I can't tell you where) that blood sprinkled in your garden will discourage rabbits. It might help with deer as well. I would just use blood out of meat packages and see if it helps.

    1. You know Sarah years ago I used to buy blood meal as an organic additive to my garden for nitrogen. The great side effect of that was that it did help some I think with the rabbit situation. I went to my local farm supply and they said you can not buy it anymore because of mad cow disease. Maybe I'll shoot a couple rabbits and just let them bleed all over the garden : )


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