Monday, June 18, 2012

Nightly Farm Journal

Monday Night June 18, 2012

Got up at 6:00 am to paint the new chicken tractor that is now finished. We have named it "The Barred Rock Cafe". Hoping to transfer the 19 baby Bourbon Red turkeys into it anticipating the hatching of an additional bunch on Thursday. The turkeys are getting their second feathers and are ready to go on the ground and be removed from all lights.

Heat index 100+ for the first time this year. We managed to get not even a half inch of rain last week. Need rain desperately.

North Garden growing well, everything up and thriving but the last row of snap beans planted last week. Should be picking by the third week of August ( 60 days)

Baby pigs eating solid food and taking 2 bottles a day. Made arrangements yesterday to have a neighbor come over and help cut them.

Gypsy took the last of her second round of antibiotics yesterday (06/17/2012). Ear infection seems to be cured but she is still coughing. She will have to return to the vet for the third time.

Canned Quilter
Hickery Holler Farm


  1. What age do you dress out your pigs? Just curious.
    Sounds like most things are going well. Hope you get some rain soon, CQ!

  2. Ah. By weight then? Thanks again for the information, CQ! :o)


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