Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Mopheads

 What kind of mop do you use? For almost 8 years I have used this mop and love it for wood and laminate floors. When I purchased this mop new it came with white terry cloth covers with elastic around the edges that you apply to mop and then take off and launder. This mop can be used two ways. When my floors are really dirty I can put a plastic tub in my sink and put vinegar with hot water. Then I can take the mop cover and immerse in mop water and ring out and put on mop. As the head becomes dirty it can be taken off and rinsed and reapplied. Changing the water as often as needed.

In between moppings,  usually right before my toddling grandson visits I can also take a spray bottle of vinegar and water and spray small areas of the floor at a time and running the mop over the areas as I go to  touch up my floors as needed. The heads can simply be rinsed out by hand and hung up to dry to reuse the next day.

Over the years my terry cloth covers originally purchased with the mop have become really ratty and it was time for new ones. Instead of buying them I decided to make them myself.

I found terry cloth dish towels on sale for $1 each. I cut the edge from around them and cut a piece of flannel of the same size. I sewed these together leaving a turning hole. Once they were turned I then sewed a 1 inch pocket for elastic completely around the edge. Then threaded the elastic and sewed up the hole.  
I now have a double sided mop cover, one side terry and one side flannel. The terry side used wet to mop the floor and the flannel side used as a dry mop head similar to a swiffer for picking up dust and hair.  

Reusable and homemade. 

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. This is great! I struggle with mop heads. They always discontinue something and then I have the mops and no heads. I like that yours is flat and wide. I think we may have something like that from a hardwood floor cleaning kit. I have no carpet- none at all except for a bath mat. Thanks.

  2. I love those mops! I first used one of those 10+ years ago when I was cleaning houses for a living. I love how much floor it covers and the removable cloth. I too fill the sink, but, before emersing the cloth I rinse it good on the other side of the sink first. Then my water stays cleaner longer.

    Those cloth can be expensive, so I like what you did by making them. That's great!

  3. What an excellent tutorial---I too have this mop and I will make some of these. Thank you bunches for sharing.

  4. What a great idea! They would hold up forever in the wash. You are so full of useful ideas!

  5. Well, I also have the same mop. We must form a group! Love your idea.

  6. What a grand idea, I also use this style of mop as we have the laminated hardwood looking floors with in floor heat. The hair from the dogs is our biggest battle, we can either swiffer it or vacuum. On days when I'm rushed I use the swiffer...

    Thank you so much for sharing. Mel

  7. I was too lazy to do it, but now that I've seen yours I want it too :o), I stopped using mine because washing it still left it cruddy :o( that's a great idea to copy.

  8. Reusable and homemade is usually better than anything else! I will have to take a closer look at your mop. I have never had a mop that I was happy with, and so don't mop nearly as often as I should. I can blame it on the mop, anyway! lol!


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