Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thelma and Louise Do California

Yes we all remember Thelma and Louise! Well we have our own here in the Holler!

None other than.......

Baby O and Fred.

These two... from the time Baby O was little have regularly went on "sister dates". Never having a sister I am not sure what transpires on sister dates. I had 4 brothers and believe me honey I did not want to go on no dates with them! I just know that these sister dates  involves alot of giggling and usually me contributing money : )   This was a regular occurence up until Fred  married and became a mother. Occasionally they still go on sister dates when she can sneak away. 

Well as we all know Baby O won first place in the state in FCCLA competition and will be going to California to compete in nationals. This is in Los Angeles in Mid July. Well O Wise One and I have decided to opt out.  Been there .... done that.

I'm thinking LA in Mid july.....Hot....
Did I mention....... Hot

O Wise one and I learned our lesson 3 years ago doing Orlando theme parks in Mid June. 100 degrees in the shade chasing hyper grandkids on steaming sidewalks in crowds. Lots of traffic and noise. This was a ...VACATION
So instead Fred will be flying to LA to be the cheering squad and moral support for Baby O....
Think of it as a giant sister date.

The tickets are purchased for both girls and the hotel rooms and rental car.

Lots of Insurance.

When you get our age you think about Insurance alot!!!

But the catch is the girls have to make their own spending money. So this weekend they are having a giant garage sale to help with their California Sister Date Official Fund. They made homemade candles and goodies to sell. They are raffling off a quilt (donated by me) on the 4th of July, all to help with their expenses.

Nothing like teaching that responsibility lesson young.

As we speak O Wise One is going through sheds and Baby O is cleaning out her closets.

Did I mention I am smiling.........ALOT  : ) : ) : )

Yep O Wise One and I are gonna stay home in the air conditioning. Maybe we will watch Thelma and Louise and garden and maybe we shall go fishing...

The house all to ourselves.

And sit in the shade of the front porch and drink iced tea..

No kids!

No cooking ...

Isn't vacation  Fun.....

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a wonderful idea!!! They will have a ball and you will have a rest.

  2. You sound a smidgen too excited to get the house all to yourselves:))) Yay for Baby O!! What a fun tradition!

    Terri @ ourcrazyfarm (blogger won't let me sign in:))

  3. Good luck to them, and both of you, too, CQ! :)


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