Friday, June 3, 2011


When I first moved north to Missouri the hardest thing for me was getting used to the changes in season and learning to garden in a colder climate. One of the biggest surprises was the peonies. In Louisiana we never had peonies but on Memorial Day I was thrilled to go to the local cemeteries and see a patchwork of beautiful peonie plants blooming at the graves. In the south when you visit old graves you usually find roses on the graves not peonies. My peonies bloom faithfully here on the farm always around Memorial Day. The one downside to peonies is that the spring rains wreak havoc on them. Even with wire frames the rains tend to beat the blooms and bruise them. If not supported your peonies will stay on the ground more often than not. But for the short time that they bloom they are glorious. This year has been no exception with rains and even a little hail in the past 2 weeks (and lets not forget that high wind) the peonies are fading quick. Their giant mop head blooms bruised and browning. But for that brief moment what a beautiful show it has been.

The rains and cooler temperatures have helped to bring on the other flowers as well. The "Knockout" rose was aptly named and amazes me every year at it's blooming even into the hotter months of July and August.

The Coreopsis are just starting to bloom with their bright yellows. They volunteer freely throughout my gardens blooming in abandon everywhere.

And remember several posts ago we talked of the invasive tendencies of the purple yarrow. This yellow yarrow is much better behaved and a beautiful and well behaved addition to any garden.

As the late spring cool temperatures and rain start to give way to the oppressive heat of summer we marvel at the blossoms. The daffodil, peonie, violets, pansies and columbine give way to the daisies and summer flowering plants. We know that by July the blossoms will be much less plentiful. But for now we smell the roses and are thankful for their beauty.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I love your flowers, CQ! I wouldn't be able to remember all the names.
    My brother loves peonies, too, and has several tree peonies (and other stuff) blooming in his yard. :)
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. Those are beautiful Peonies,we have them here in the mountains of NC but like where you are the bloom season is usually short.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Peonies are my favorite fragrance in the world. They smell heavenly. I was even caught this spring "stealing" one from Tonia's yard. I love them so much!

  4. I'm now the care giver of my Grand Mothers Peonies! Most of these plants are 70 years old! With our cool weather they have not opened up yet, but when they do, I will have some sitting on my kitchen table.

  5. Peonies are my favorite flower. They bloom later in my area than yours. I'm still waiting on them even now.

  6. Oh, your flowers are so beautiful. Ours are blooming here, too... I love the peonies in the old cemetaries.


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