Sunday, September 19, 2010

September and Still Picking !

As the seasons change again from late summer to early fall I start to notice little differences. The leaves are starting to turn on some trees and small shrubs as the temperatures start to decline. Daily temperatures are in the 60's some days and the windows and doors are again being left open to take advantage of the breezes. We continue to mow just not as often. There are still a few crops in the garden and canning is still taking place up into at least October here in The Holler. Although we now turn our efforts toward saving the seeds , cleanup and preparing the soil for next year.

There are still cucumbers and I have been putting up small batches of Dill pickles and also enjoying sliced cucumbers almost daily.

We have started harvesting green tomatoes and letting them ripen in the house. Once ripe we eat what we can and the rest go into the freezer. Once I have enough frozen I will cook down one last big cooking of sauce to put into jars. 

I have been putting up breaded squash in the freezer as well as shredded zucchini for breads. And making small batches of jalapeno rings.

The okra we have been eating fresh and allowing alot to stay on the bush for seed saving. Two rows of green beans are still producing and I continue to can small batches of them.

We eat our melons knowing that their days are numbered but there is nothing like a bowl of cold ripe cantaloupe for dessert at night.

We continue to pick apples and have made apple rings and apple syrup this week. The kids and grandkids eat the apple rings like candy. I think the apple syrup will be wonderful on hot pancakes ! I love the clear golden color also.

There are still a few chickens that need butchering and the pumpkins, sweet potatoes and turnips to be canned when ready.  Hopefully venison for the freezer and the pecans from the trees in the back yard. I don't know........ the squirrels are watching them pretty hard!

So my work is cut out for atleast another month or so. Then I can finally put away the canning pots and trappings for another year content that my pantry and freezers will be full. My family fed for another year.


On a personal note Happy Anniversay to Fred and Mr. Fred .....

It's their first anniversary today.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Your post looks really delicious. :)

    And Happy Anniversary to the Freds! :)

  2. How do you make your Apple Jelly? I like the way you put things up and I'd like a lesson on how to make the jelly.
    Can I use Apples I've already frozen? Or can I use ones that I've already canned in jars? Thanks for some info..Ginny

  3. I am looking forward to quilting season, too. Beautiful jelly! Yes, please share the recipe!

  4. Love the blog! Could you share your recipe for Apple syrup? It sounds delicious!


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