Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roasted Peppers

This has been the year of the pepper. We have not been able to hardly grow a tomato but had a bumper crop of every pepper in the gardens! All heirloom and open pollinated I might add. And they had to be picked because they were getting deep and frost is a comin........

Beautiful big bells

And this new Italian Pickling Pepper that I can't say enough about!!!!!
heirloom, hardy and boy does it bear the fruit. Sweet with just a little bite.
And big sweet banana peppers too.

It was time to fire up the grill and roast peppers. So O Wise One grabbed a glass of tea and lit the charcoal and we roasted peppers!  

Couple tricks to it..You have to have a really hot fire because you want to bubble the outer skin while not completely cooking the interior.  And you end up with this.

When you take them off the fire you put them in a pan and cover them for about half an hour so they can sweat. Those peels should just slip right off. Then you deseed them and put them on cookie trays to freeze.

The roasting gives them a wonderful flavor and enhances the sweetness of them. It's kind of like caramelizing onions. We wrapped each frozen pepper individually in foil and then put the frozen peppers in gallon ziplocs and back in the freezer they went. That way when cooking you can open the bag and grab one or two and reseal it.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It has indeed been the year of the pepper. Marcy has preserved many. When I was a child, we would string pepper with a needle and thread.

  2. Now I know what me and the last of my peppers will be doing this afternoon!

  3. Thank you for the how-to! I pinned this to my "food preservation" board. I hope that's ok!

  4. Yum! How on earth did I miss this post. I don't remember seeing this one? Um, I think I am addicted to your blog, CQ!

    Thank you for sharing this at the Carnival of Home Preserving!

  5. I now know what I'm doing with my overstock of peppers this summer!


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