Sunday, January 17, 2010

O Wise One & Rabbits

Today O Wise One (OWO) finished freezing the rabbits he shot yesterday. Every year when the snow is on the ground and as soon as the temps are tolerable, OWO goes rabbit hunting. He grew up on game and has never lost the taste for venison, ducks, rabbit, frog legs, squirrels and goose. For me, growing up in the backwoods of the south with a father and 3 brothers who hunted and raising 3 sons who hunt. This has not been a problem. However I do not clean his game. I come from the school " if you shoot it you clean it " ! I will cook it for them though. After shooting his 5 rabbits yesterday he brought them home and cleaned them and washed them and put in the refrigerator to soak overnight. This morning he got up and finished cleaning and rinsing them and put them up in his vacuum sealed bags to eat later. Along with our 8 containers of walnuts we picked out over the weekend. So we have had a productive weekend and we continue to add to our food stores even in the dead of winter.

I continue to quilt on my sampler quilt that is on the frame and wait for the temperatures to slowly climb and the snow to melt. Warming has made for a wet and muddy farmyard and driveway. Will have to make dog biscuits tomorrow as the puppies are running out.

Blessings from the Holler,

The Canned Quilter

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  1. It seems that "Harvest" is never over when you do a degree of
    "Homesteading" < I don't think I'll get into trouble using that word :o)
    but that's just about the size of trying to make ends meet using your sources...The quilt looks beautiful and makes me want to pull out my old quilting rack, I have to look around and see was I smart enough to save it..


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