Sunday, January 17, 2010

O' Wise One and the K. C. Scout

Every year November rolls around on the Holler and not only brings in the cooler weather but also hunting season on The Holler. Twelve year ago when we bought The Holler, it was owned by a family that my husband's family had known for many years. Their nephew hunted the farm and they rented out the house randomly. It really wasn't much of a house then. Upon buying the farm, hubby immediately renewed his friendship with the nephew and they began hunting the farm together. Of course the first thing they had to do was build deer stands. The first year was a bit rushed but the stands were completed and the hunting experience began for us in the Holler. The nephew was dubbed "The K. C. Scout" because he tended to scout more and shoot less. Hubby was convinced he was really sleeping in the stand and that was okay as he figured he really needed his rest. And then O' Wise one was born. He was labeled O' Wise One by the K. C. Scout for his constant recommendations for the things he was doing incorrectly. O' Wise One being the keeper of the knowledge. Just ask him. He can tell ya how to skin a deer with a golf ball! How to catch a turkey in a trench! ( Asked hubby what ya called that and he said " illegal" ) How to dress a turtle and make a clock out of the shell! Now we all know that all of this is information everyone is just lining up wanting. Right!!!!! Well the K.C. Scout and O' Wise One are still hunting. K.C.'s stand in going fast. It is now known as the Leaning Tower of the Holler. Every farm needs a landmark and that is ours. The Leaning Tower is inhabited every year by the local turkey population which we refer to as the 101 club. Every so often they get a little rowdy and O' Wise One has to break up the fun. The 3 sons have all killed deer here as well as several of my nephews and brother getting deer. My father when living came every year to hunt and was another stand sleeper. And the years roll by and hunting seasons come and go but the Scout and O Wise One endure. Lifelong friends, keepers of the forest, showing the young ones how it is done ( their way). The 101 club continues to party in the Tower, and the Tower leans a little more every year. And time marches on, slowly here in The Holler, but on none the less. The sons come less and less with the addition of wives, children and jobs in their lives. The Holler sits, quietly waiting for the next generation. Maybe the grandchild due in July will one day hunt!


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