Sunday, February 20, 2022

A Day Of Canning Bone Broth

As the daily temperatures rise and the days get longer my chickens are producing eggs again and the ducks never quit. The last week has been windy and cold so inside chores were preferable. I took the opportunity to clean out my freezer of all the chicken bones and trimmings I have been saving and freezing and put on several large pots to simmer for bone broth. 

I ended up with 2 large stock pots and the crockpot going. The house smelled wonderful. 

I let them all simmer for 12 hours and then strained all the bones out and put the large bowls of broth in the fridge for the fat to rise to the top and harden. The next morning I skimmed the fat off for the dogs over the next week or so and canned it up using my Harvest Guard reusable jar lids. Every lid sealed and I have had really good luck with them staying sealed so far. The bone broth came out good and rich and smells wonderful. It should be great for cooking and soups. 

And for supper that night leftover frozen ham slices from Christmas that were vacuum sealed and frozen and a couple baked sweet potatoes. I like to can small batches throughout the year and refilling my jars as I empty them with broth, meats, beans, soups and other useful and easy to come by foods. Summer is consumed with getting those vegetables and fruits in jars. I can do this in small batches at my leisure while also enjoying my quilting for several hours daily. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy and warm.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter

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  1. I've enjoyed your return and reading about all that you're up to on your homestead! We, too, can throughout the winter months and you're inspiring me to get busy on my next batch of broth. The sun came out today (I'm in the great Pacific Northwest) and so hubby and I were outside; he was bringing composted manure to the garden in anticipation of cool weather crops and I was putting a new floor on a rabbit cage for my meat rabbits. Lovely post!

    1. My youngest daughter ( Baby O) recently returned from 2 years working in Portland, Oregon in the tech industry there. Like you, my husband spread compost on the asparagus beds a couple weeks ago. I have already added it to the vegetable beds last fall.

      Glad you stopped by and Blessings. CQ

  2. I need to clear some space from my freezers, too. Pretty sure there are several bags of rotisserie chicken bones in there.

    1. They do seem to pile up in there. I ended up with a dozen jars in all.


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