Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Fruits of Our Labor


As the early summer temperatures heat up the robins had started to gravitate to the gooseberry bushes so I knew it was time to pick. So in temperatures in the mid 80's and 98% humidity O Wise One and I decided to get up early one morning and pick berries. What a hot and sweaty job even early in the morning. When we got finished we both looked like we had tangled with a herd of cats and lost badly. Oh but we had plenty of gooseberries.

I spent the rest of that afternoon sitting and topping and tailing the berries. It's kind of like shelling beans slow and tedious. Once that was done they were washed and dried and put on baking sheets to freeze.

And at the end of the day 12 more bags of gooseberries in the freezer ( 24 cups) . Packaged in vacuum bags to help prevent freezer burn. Just one more day of putting up food not in huge portions but a picking at a time. A few hours here and there. 

We got rains yesterday and it was enough to pop up the okra and purple hull peas that I planted last week. Now if I can just keep the rabbits out. 

The plums are starting to ripen and I spotted my first Japanese beetle of the season. As summer is upon us now don't forget the sunscreen and plenty of water to drink.

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  1. My husband,then boyfriend, gave me a green gooseberry to try(I didn't know what it was)!
    The fastest way to get someone to never trust you again..feed them a green gooseberry.

    1. Had to laugh. Sounds like something my brothers would have done. They are pretty sour aren't they? The birds don't even eat them green.


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