Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hot Compost


This time of year I always have lots of compost additions and also the fall when the leaves fall. But this time of year I'm pulling lots of weeds, mowing grass and doing lots of trimming and pruning. Add to that the kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and bedding and straw from the chicken, ducks and rabbits which are cleaned regularly and that equates to lots of compost additions. 

I keep large wire rings around the property for temporary storage but when they all start getting full then I start hot composting to break down those additions fast. Now I am not going to kid you. Hot compost is work. Lots of work because someone has to turn all those piles everyday. But the positive side of that is that you usually have usable compost in under 30 days. The last I composted was usable in 16 days. When you have lots of boxes and gardens that comes in handy. That means that I am less dependent on buying mushroom compost, soil additions or even seed starter and fertilizer. The other plus is that I know exactly what is in that compost because I am producing it right here on my own property. 

I use the Berkely method of composting. Below is a link to a printable with instructions on how to do it.

For me it works great. I stack my inputs in 3' X 3' piles alternating between browns or carbon additions and greens or nitrogen additions. A good tip is to chop everything as small as possible before adding. I run the leaves through a mower with a bagger and take my snips as I prune and cut my prunings as I put them in the wheelbarrow. Add a little moisture, Cover with a tarp to protect from rain and turn everyday to add oxygen and I usually get a hot pile. From 2 to 3 weeks later I sift the compost through small wire and add to whatever needs it.  

Here is a YouTube video that might help.

Now some people go to the gym every day. Not me I turn compost piles every morning. Six of them right now. Man am I going to have some arm muscles by winter!

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  1. I started a compost pile but never turn it -- it's basically just yard waste and grass clippings in a corner of my yard. Haven't used it yet, so I am not sure if it is any good!


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