Monday, August 25, 2014

Canning Green Peas

It's August now and the spring peas are long ago done but I wanted to write this post because I had not done a post on canning green peas and I had taken the pictures in the spring and had not published them. 

When the springs are wet and cool the peas are plentiful here in Hickery Holler. My family adore homegrown peas. Every year we plant peas. Some years if it turns off hot too early and dry they linger and don't produce well. For us the trick is to get them in as early as we possible can.   Many years it is a gamble and some years it pays off well. 

Peas are one of those crops that are easy to preserve and probably the hardest part is the time it takes to shell all those peas. 

Many times I like to freeze my peas by simply microwaving them for 2 minutes  and them transferring them to a sheet to freeze. 

Once frozen they are ready to bag.

We love these frozen peas cooked or in salads

This year I wanted to can some to help and conserve freezer space.  First I shelled and washed my peas and then added clean peas to hot jars. 

Then I added a half teaspoon of canning salt to each jar.

Then I covered the peas with boiling water and used my bubble tool to help release all the air bubbles. 

Then the pint jars were sealed with hot lids and rings and pressure caneed for 40 minutes at 10 pounds pressure. 

Although we prefer the taste and texture of peas frozen with freezer space at a premium this year these canned peas will do. 

Peas are one of those things I hardly ever see fresh in a grocery store or farmer's market.

 You have never lived until you have tasted fresh peas from the garden. Sweet as candy it is hard sometimes to keep the grandkids out of them.  
Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Beautiful.

    I eat many raw as I'm picking.

  2. Thank you for showing us your canned peas. I am trying a fall crop of peas. Have you ever done that? Our spring crop didn't do well at all, so I thought I would give them one more chance this year.


    1. Indeed I have grown a fall crop many times. I prefer to grow them in the spring but when I have the time and ambition and need more than I produced I will grow a fall crop.

  3. My husbands favorite crop from the garden is peas. Thanks for sharing your methods for preserving them. Next year I think I will plant a bigger patch. You have such a fun blog. It has been an inspiration and it is now on my favorites list.

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