Thursday, October 17, 2013


With stuffed peppers already in the freezer and peppers already dehydrated I decided to chop the remaining peppers for this year and freeze. To freeze peppers I simply wash to remove and dirt and grime and chop. Then they go onto baking sheets and in the freezer. I try to stir the frozen peppers a time or two during freezing so that they do not stick together. As long as they remain frozen when you remove them from the bag they should remain in individual pieces. 

Notice 4 different chops. One tray small dices, One tray large 1 inch chops, one tray green strips, and one tray sweet red strips.  Once washed they were simply chopped and frozen on baking sheets overnight. I stir to keep them broken up and loose. 

These peppers will be used throughout the year in different Italian dishes, pepper steaks and stir fries.  

Sure makes cooking easier with the veggies already chopped.  

Each bag holds 1 quart jar of chopped peppers. Then they are vacuum bagged.

Once bagged and refrozen when I get ready to use peppers I empty the contents of the bag bag back into a quart jar and put a ring and lid on it. It is stored in the freezer door of my side by side refrigerator  (in the jar) three steps from my stove. I can then take out what I need conveniently and simply reseal the jar until next time I need peppers. When the jar is empty I simply open another bag and refill.    

This is the last of the peppers for this year and with what I already have frozen, my stuffed and dehydrated I should have plenty for the year. 

14 bags frozen chopped peppers

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  1. Thank you for sharing your method for freezing peppers. I'll be doing the same with my peppers as well as celery and onions too.

  2. I truly enjoy your blog. I don't have a garden yet, but your blog is inspiring me.

  3. I just had to say thank you. A month or so back I used your recipe for pickled okra, and last night I opened the first jar... OH MY GOODNESS! My family said they were the best pickled okra they'd ever had. I don't care for okra, but after all the fuss I had to try one too. They were amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. It is truly appreciated. And thanks for making this newbie look like a pro!

  4. I've noticed that my peppers seem to get bitter when I cook with ones that I've frozen. Do you know what could be the cause of that? It seems to be more with the end of the season peppers than anything, so I wondered if the weather could change the flavor? Any ideas?
    Thanks =)

  5. very interesting, and very impressive.

    in my more foolish moments I daydream of have such accomplished gardening (read that quantity of produce), and preserving skills...ah well, we all have different talents..

    yours are beautiful and I do much appreciate the chance to read about them.


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