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Hamburger Dill Chips

I realized I had not posted this pickle recipe with the others. These are my version of a hamburger dill chip. I make about a dozen jars of these every year and they last until the next year for my family. We enjoy them on sandwiches and burgers mostly. My husband likes them sliced on an angle to make a bigger pickle for sandwiches because he doesn't like those little slices that fall out of your burger or sandwich. 

My cucumber patch of Straight Eight cucumbers has been productive this year. I have made all the pickles I want for the year and am now enjoying them fresh and even selling a few. I have a second small patch that is younger that should keep us in fresh cucumbers until frost.

Couple things when making pickles.

  1. Pick your cucumbers young before the large seeds develop
  2. Use the freshest cucumbers you can get. Old cukes make soft pickles.

  • 7 wide mouth jars with lids and rings
  • fresh dill heads or dried dill seed
  • cucumbers washed and sliced
  • 7 cloves of garlic peeled
  • 8 1/2 cups distilled water
  • 2 1/4 cups white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup pickling salt
Fill hot water canner 1/2 full with water and place clean jars in canner and place on stove to heat to boiling. Allow jars to boil to sterilize.

Warm lids and rings in a small saucepan of water.

Wash cucumbers WELL. I wash mine in a little water with about 1/4 cup of vinegar and a drop of Dawn. Rinse and dry cucumbers then remove both ends of cucumbers.

Now slice your cucumbers however your family prefers their pickles. Spears, small slices or oblong slices. Mine prefer large oblong slices for sandwiches. Having a mandolin slicer allows me to hold my cucumbers at an angle when slicing to get larger slices.   

Once your pickles are sliced it's time to make your brine. 

Place water, vinegar and salt in large pot and bring to boil. 

Remove jar from hot canner and add 1 clove garlic, I head dill or 1 tablespoon dill seed to hot jar. 

Pack pickles tightly in hot jar being careful because the jar is hot. DO NOT drop anything cold in jar as it will shatter. Cucumber slices, dill and garlic should all be room temperature. Leave 1/2 inch headspace.

At this point I have a hand towel folded on the counter. Pour hot brine over pickles to cover, leave 1/2 inch headspace. Now that  my jar is full I gently pick the hot jar up with another towel or potholder and gently take the hot jar and lift it a time or two then let it come in contact with the towel on the counter. Kind of like gently striking it. This bounces the bubbles out because your pickles should be packed TIGHT, too tight to use a bubble tool! Be Careful It is HOT!! 

Now that the bubbles are out wipe the jar rim off with a clean cloth.

Now I place hot lid and ring on jar and finger tighten only.

Place that jar back in the canner of boiling water making sure at this point that the fire is turned off although the water is still boiling hot. Pack next jar and do the same thing. I do as many jars as I have brine for. If your pickles are packed really tight this should do 6 or 7 quarts.  

That boiling water in that canner should have really heated your jars up. Then I take them out and put them on a cutting board covered with a dish cloth. I then cover them with a thick bath towel and let them set overnight. No peeking. The next morning all my jars are sealed. Any unsealed jars should be refrigerated!

*****Now if you are uncomfortable with NOT water bathing your pickles they can****** also be water bathed for 15 minutes as recommended.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Hi CQ,

    Thank you very much for the recipe! I have tried several recipes and they are just not suited to our taste.

    I look forward to trying this one.


  2. Honestly, this is the best post!
    When I was young I had no idea whatsoever how to can. My Mom helped me and my mother- in- law helped with tomatoes every summer. Now, I think I can can most everything if I want to. I have cut back since the kids have gotten married and have youngsters now. I am so glad to read your blog. Where were you when I started? LOL Really...I think you are sent from God to help women who do not understand what canning is all about. I am not the best at it,,,but I sure do love reading your post. Thank you from all of us out here. You are a delightful lady. It is good to get back to basics...especially how the world is today.



    1. My gosh I am getting so many wonderful compliments today they may go to my old head! Seriously though this blog keeps me off the streets and out of trouble and I love being able to share.

  3. Why distilled water instead of tap water? Recipe sounds good!

    1. Some waters are hard and some are soft. Some have more chemical treatments than others which can effect the softness of your pickles : ) Be safe use distilled !

    2. My grandmother always used rainwater : )

  4. OKay- I did my bread and butters the way you do yours yesterday- the only difference being, I remembered my husbands grandmother saying when she didn't process as long, she flipped the jars upside-down on the counter so the seal had all the heat on it. I did it this way and within two hours they were sealed.

    I wanted to tell you too, that we enjoyed your refrigerator pickles very much. I had a reunion last Saturday at our house and one of the college guys wouldn't stop raving about them. Since College boys rarely have things like pickles on their mind, I took this as a huge compliment and thought I would pass it along to you, you deserve it and all.

    ALSO- I've wanted to tell you for EVER (but couldn't comment at the time) thank you for the recipe for zucchini 'pineapple'- I was SO thrilled you shared that recipe with me. I plan to make a batch this week. Last year's batch is nearly gone. My favorite way to use it? Making Ham and 'Pineapple' pizza on our Friday Night Movie-n-Pizza night. I posted a picture of one of the many I have made on my blog here- if you want to see it.

    Anyway. I thought you would like to hear some success stories! ;-)

    1. Wow Rebecca such kind words! Bless your little heart : ) Yes my mother turned hers upside down also but they seal even if you don't. As the mother of 3 boys college boys love FOOD period! So glad you like the zucchini pineapple. I have a drawer full of zucchini as we speak to process into pineapple.

      Hugs from The Holler


  5. This is awesome! I have noticed that the water bath canned pickles seem a little softer to me. I don't have cucumbers to try these this year, but I am printing this out for next year. Thanks so much!

  6. If my cukes will ever produce, Im gonna give these babies a go! Cant wait to try them. I've always been askert to not can them but I always figured it'd be ok.. If you're not dead, then Im willing to give it a shot. ;)

    Love your new header photo! Beautiful! Blessings!

  7. I just made a batch of these pickles, can't wait to try them this winter. Have been looking for a Hamburger Dill Slices recipe and this sounds good. Also like the way you cut yours, my hubby like that idea too. Just read a comment on zucchini pineapple have to see if I can find that on your posts.

    I found this site when googling recipes for Hamburger Dill Pickles.

  8. Oh my goodness I gotta try this one to! I had told you in an email I wanted to do your Dill relish and I gotta do this one to next summer. NEED to get me some of those heirloom straight8 seeds! I'm just getting started in saving or getting heirloom seeds. A friend of ours from North Carolina sent me some Black Cherokee tomato seeds last spring. LOVE those tomatoes and that's all I have grown since I got them. Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us on here like you do. By the way we LOVE the Cumberland Mountains when we visited there a few years back. Would LOVE to go back again one day! We live in South Mississippi so it was a little trip for us. :-) Anyway thank you again!

    1. Well I did do the relish and we loved it. Got a batch of cukes in the fridge and I am going to do like the hamburger dills. Thank you!

  9. My first attempt at hamburger dill chips and this looks perfect! However, I don't see a quantity of cucumbers shown (either lbs. or numbers). Can you provide that information for me, please?

  10. This is now my go to recipe for hamburger dill pickles, I have tried so many. Made only four quarts last year, my husband had them ate by January! Will be making a lot more so I can also give as gifts. Thanks so much.

  11. Hi! How many lbs of cucumbers would I need for this recipe? Thanks :)

  12. I have been looking years for a simple dill pickle recipe like my granny used to make. These pickles are an exact replica of her pickles. My entire family loves them. I thank you so much for posting this recipe. It will be handed down I can assure you!

  13. Like others before many pounds of cucumbers are required? THanks

  14. Also would like to know if this is for quart size jars. Thank you

  15. Quart size jars and 3 1/2 pounds for every 2 quarts of pickles.

  16. If I were to use pint jars, how long would I process them in a water bath?

  17. How to cook them in pressure canner


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