Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A deep blanket of heavy wet snow has settled over Hickery Holler. It has snowed for 2 days and is still snowing. As I listen to the radio they predict chances for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Then another storm to move through about Monday. I think mother nature woke up after a really dry summer, fall and early winter and decided to bless us with some much needed precipitation. We just didn't know we would get it all at one time. 

O Wise One has shoveled those steps three times and it is still snowing. He said that is it! No more shoveling till it quits. Oh my.....

That's the upper deck.

Turkey house and run.

Somewhere in there is my driveway! 

Everyone deals with snow differently. As for me I just hunker down and cook. With a hot venison vegetable soup simmering on the back of the stove. 

And warm homemade bread to absorb all that good broth.

And some fresh sweet potato muffins to snack on while I find things to occupy myself. And before you ask just take my zucchini bread recipe and substitute shredded sweet potato for zucchini.

Cause I'm not going anywhere till it quits snowing because we can't manage to keep the doors open. 

And the last we checked this is what the roads look like. 

Some like to get out and brave the elements!

And some like Riley just don't even bother.

The electricity continues to flicker on and off but for the most part we are warm and safe. We hope everyone else out there in this storm is too!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. We are through the worst of the snow rain storm and now it is a sloppy slushy mess as the temps got warmer . Last night when it started it was raining and heavily the winds were howling and out hydro was flickering as well , then it turned to heavy wet snow and then snow to rain all night till earlier this afternoon and now it is just gloomy ! Lovely photos . Our Miggs doesn't seem to mind this rotten weather either all though we don't get to go for our walks BOOHOO ! Hoping for some sunshine soon . Have a good day !

  2. Food looks Yummy ! I made veggie soup in the crock pot but no bread had some left over lol !

  3. My husband is working out of town this week (in Joplin, where they only got 3-4 inches of snow), so I dug out today. I spent about an hour doing the back deck and front porch and walkway. Took a break, then spent at least 90 minutes on the driveway. Where the municipal snow plows had thrown snow at the end of the drive was the hardest to shovel, and made the rest seem easy by comparison. I didn't even bother to dig my husband's truck out; it will have to wait until he gets home. I wouldn't have bothered with my own, except I expect there to be school tomorrow. We live too close for Kat to ride a bus, but too far to be comfortable letting her walk.

  4. The snow is so pretty to look at... but I am exceedingly thrilled to not have any. I just recently moved from Salt Lake City to the metro Atlanta area so this is my first snowless winter ever and I am LOVING it!!

  5. I spent some time shoveling too. I am hoping my honey can drive home tonight instead of parking out on the blacktop (mile away) and walking in. The grader went through which was great, but piled a lot of snow at the end of the drive. So I shoveled that out, then shoveled paths to the chicken house and duck house. Figured shoveling was easier than wading the snow every day. My little pom, Buddy, sure didn't take long to find the paths that 'mom' had shoveled. He was tired of bouncing and fighting the drifts. That soup looks great. I fixed beef stew in the crock pot yesterday. Still eating on it today.

  6. Wow, you did get alot of snow! I am like you, hunker down and cook. Your food looks so comforting on a cold snowy day. Tell O Wise One to be careful shoveling.

  7. Dont tell anyone this, but I wish it would snow like that here right now.. haha.. I love the snow and we just havent had much of it this here in our neck of Ohio.. Looks like you've gotten it all. Stay warm & safe!


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