Sunday, June 17, 2012


As the weekend has rolled in so has the blessed rain. This week I was lucky to get my beans picked and canned, my broccoli picked and frozen and also my peas before the rain  moved in. Even more important I got the whole garden weeded this week.  I even got my beets picked and canned. Some weeks I am not so lucky! 


Many people hate weeding but what a great opportunity it is for solitude. I like to get up really early in the morning and watch the rising of the sun over my garden and in the cool hush of the morning pull weeds. It is a great time to pray or just think.


And the great thing is that you can immediately see the fruits of your labor. Just look at the difference a few hours in the cool morning light pulling weeds can make. Going over my garden completely about once a week is usually enough to keep it not completely weed free but atleast ahead of most of them. As the season progresses it becomes more difficult to stay ahead of the weeding, picking and canning. But right now between the two of us it gets done. This is only the second year planting this garden which before that was a hay field. So it has plenty of grass and weed seeds but as the years progress that gets better and fewer weeds come up. 

We are ever so thankful this Sunday morning for our little rain showers Friday and Saturday afternoon. Even if my laundry got wet. We pray that those also experiencing dry weather and drought conditions also get a drink soon. 

We are facing mid ninety to 100 degree temperatures for the coming week so gardening will have to be confined to the early morning and late afternoon hours. Hope everyone has a cool and safe week out in the heat of summer. And to all you Dads out there wishing you a Happy Fathers Day.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I too love the moments of solitude when weeding.

  2. That's a beautiful snapshot of the clouds rolling in. I have a hard time weeding 3 raised beds, so I am utterly amazed at how big your task is. But you're right...there's something about working in the garden on a cool morning that just seems to calm the soul.

  3. CQ,

    I love your pictures, especially the one with the rain clouds rolling in. Have a Blessed Sunday! Happy Father's Day to you hubby.

  4. You hand weed or use the tools you showed us in a previous post?
    When I have tried to garden, I think I pull my sprouted seeds half the time, thinking they are weeds.
    Might be best if I just stick to some sort of pot and sprout all my plants in the house first, haha!

    Your gardens always look fantastic, CQ. :o)

    1. I use a hoe and hand weed both. I usually hoe down the middles and then hand weed the row itself.

  5. I LOVED this post! I spent my entire day yesterday in my garden, weeding like a madwoman. But I have to agree with you 100%, there is something to be said about spending the day weeding your garden, in solitude. I just loved it! Not one complaint from me, its so peaceful to wake up with the sun and sit in your growing garden while the morning songs of the resident birds surround you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Do you rely onlyy on rain for irrigation? THAT is a foreign practice to me.

    1. Most years we get ample rainfall to raise a fairly productive garden with only a little supplemental watering when planting new plants or seeds for example. Every few years we get a really dry one though and the rainfall just doesn't come. Then we use the old farm well out back of the shed and occasionally the public water lines. We also have farm ponds that could be used for water in a pinch. Nice to have alternatives. We have talked about putting in a couple rain barrels but as of yet have not done it : )


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