Monday, November 14, 2011

Homemade Swiffer Duster Pads

Just like most people I love convenience. I just object to the cost of it. My house is full of ceiling fans and I live on a gravel road which means that I have more than my share of dust.  Especially when it is nice outside and the windows are open. I love my Swiffer duster with the pivot head. It makes it so easy to dust without a ladder especially with those 9 foot ceilings.

And now that I can make my own duster pads it is nice that I don't have the added expense every month of buying these pads only to throw them in the garbage when I am done with them.
Basically I took some scrap flannel and made my own duster heads.
Made to fit the existing plastic duster handles that I own. They are nothing more than layers of flannel sewed together and then frayed. As they are continually washed and dried they will only get better.

I made 16 which should last me for awhile. All were made from left over scraps of flannel from  various sewing projects through the years. I love that I am using up scraps and that I am saving money while still being able to use handles that I already purchased.  Not to mention keeping those disposable heads out of the land fills. Once I am finished dusting they can simply be thrown into the laundry and washed and dried for the next dusting. With every wash they will get fuzzier only making them better . It's a great idea and you can find the tutorial HERE !

And how do they work? Well just look for yourself although I hate to admit my house is that dusty.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I knew flannel made a great dust cloth but never thought of this.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! This is awesome. I will certainly make some.

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for posting this. I can't get dusters here without paying top premium price. Now, I can make my own. Thanks!

  4. Well how cool is that! I don't buy the store bought ones-cause they cost too much. And I've tried tying something around the swiffer-but you figured it out perfectly!

  5. This is brilliant! You should do a tutorial for us thick headed folk who need to see something to figure it out. Love it!

  6. This is the coolest thing.... thank you for your brilliant idea and posting it for us.

  7. These are beautiful, and you let them get dirty??! ;-)

    I must confess that I don't own a swiffer duster but if I did, I'd stitch up some of the flannel covers, too. I use a lambs wool duster and that will also hold the cobwebs and dust until taken outside and shaken up.

    Anyway, good job, you talented woman!

  8. wow nice job, I heard that the cheap microfiber cloths from the dollar store work well and can be re-used.
    I was searching for swiffer coupons when I found your blog. I thought it was great, I also found this post sharing swiffer coupons there were like 6 for December, thought you might like it!

  9. I never even thought of making my own! Great idea! Thank you! I'm off to see what fabric I have for this...


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