Friday, January 7, 2011

White Christmas Cactus

Remember recently I blogged about my yellow and red Christmas cactus.  Well bless O Wise One's heart but he knows what I like!

He found me a white one

And a pink one.

Told ya I was a cheap date! What a man !!!

For those who asked about getting them to bloom at the right time of year here is how it is done!

Christmas cactus is actually a "Schlumbergera" and is a native of the tropical rain forests of Brazil. They like a bright location but never direct sunlight. Water when they dry out.

To flower they need uninterrrupted complete darkness ( below 65 degrees)  for atleast
3 weeks.  After this resume your normal routine but not above 70 degrees at night.

For me I keep them in my guest room which I keep cooler because it is empty most of the time. Cooler temps and darkness signal the plant to bloom. So I pull the shades and they receive cool fall temperatures and darkness during October. ( Be careful not to overwater during this time.) Then I open the shades in the guest room for November and by December I have blooms.

For many I think the naturally lower light levels of winter work fine. I like to have blooms exactly at Christmas so I always put mine in the dark during October.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. You and Marcy thumbs!


  2. They are so pretty and thanks for the tips on making them bloom.

  3. Thank you for sharing how to make them bloom!


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