Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Quilting Weekend

After a week of meat processing I am taking the weekend off and quilting! All weekend...... I am almost finished with this quilt and it must be completed by December 18th so I am making a weekend of it. If anyone wants to find me look for the quilt frame.

On a Holiday note, Fred (my daughter) and company, went to the Christmas parade and took Baby Hank to have his picture taken with Santa. He slept through the whole thing. Santa couldn't even wake him up. Most kids scream bloody murder at Santa but not Hank.
How funny!

Today the temperatures are supposed to plummet. Wouldn't you know it on the day that Baby O has to ring the bell in front of the grocery store for the Salvation Army. Last year it was the exact same thing. She rang the bell on one of the coldest days of the year. She signed up for this a month ago. Who knew? I swear that girl has the worst luck. So I am off to see if I can find her long underwear. Poor thing : )

See ya Monday....

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Was damn close to calling you. Glad to know you are okay. =)

  2. Gloves, scarf and hat, too!
    Hope she will be well.
    That's a lovely quilt, CQ. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  3. Have fun quilting! I am so ready to get back to quilting but life just won't slow down with the holidays, school, work and farmlife up here yet. Usually over Christmas and the New year I take a week off to quilt and we live off of leftovers, let the house get messy, and have movie-fests. A little treat for making it through the busy month:)) I'll be thinking of you and that beautiful quilt this weekend:))

  4. Enjoy your quilting...good way to relax.


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