Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apple Pie Filling

As most of you know that follow this blog the apple harvest was heavy this year. I recently had a request for my filling recipes.  I make many pies through the year not only for holidays but I make pies for events at church and school. It seems some club or another is always wanting a dessert for a potluck dinner or school function. I love the convenience of having the filling already made and just being able to open a jar or thaw a bag to have a homemade pie. Just make a shell and bake. It is time consuming in the beginning but saves you time in the end.

The first is the apple filling in jars. That comes from

This filling is thickened with Clear Jel, a starch that cans very well. I get mine from the Amish community store not far from here where I also purchase my spices in larger quantities. However it is now available online.

This filling may be canned or frozen.

As for my Pie in a bag pictured. The recipe came from Here

This is my first year to use this recipe but I did experiment and make one and freeze it for a couple days and then make a pie. It was delicious. So I made some more and froze them to see how they will hold up over time. If they hold up well over the winter I shall use this recipe next year. So just be aware that this is an experiment for me.

I also used this recipe and made some peach pie filling. It was delicious as well. In the past I have made the crust with the filling inside and froze them. I like just freezing or canning the filling and making the crust fresh at baking better. It tastes fresher I think and also takes up less space in the freezer than a whole pie.

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Yummm! I just canned 14 quarts of pear pie filling! I would do more if I could get my hands on another bushel,lol!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to the frozen apple pie filling -- I'm going to try it too. I have to add more nutmeg and some allspice though (I must be a spice girl!)

    I made an apple pie yesterday, the first one made during apple season (made a few during the summer with storage apples. Yuck...) Right now I still have plenty of apples left over (about a half bushel) and these are okay for cooking and for pies. But our better apples (Stayman, Jonathan) will be ready in about 3 weeks and then I'll be waist-high in applesauce and butter once again. I could eat homemade applesauce every day! Good thing I live in "apple country" here! How about you??


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