Friday, August 27, 2010


In the spring I posted of beautiful white flowers emerging bringing in the season. The smell of Apple blossoms drifting on the cool spring breeze. Of robins nesting in the crook of the old apple tree. We watched as the little blue eggs hatched and the chicks grew and flew away.

On through the summer I watched as the young apples grew with the passing of the warm days . Fearing that the heavy rains would cause rot and diseases. We hung soap to try and deter the deer from eating them. And we watched and we waited.

When I look at these apple trees I remember setting them out when they were no more that 18 inches tall. Just sprigs! And now look at them tall and loaded with apples. I watch my grandchildren crawl into the branches looking for ripe apples. O Wise One and I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Look what we have done : )

And the waiting for this year is over. God has again blessed us with an abundant apple harvest.

So now we work : )  

Plenty of applesauce for Baby Hank in small jelly jars. Just perfect and fresh for a little guy to learn how to eat solid food. A few larger jars for the older kids and maybe some apple sauce cake. 

Canned Apple Pie filling for pies this winter.

And a new experiment. Apple Pie in a bag. This was so easy but the real test will be the taste. I think this would be good for cobblers too but will have to play with it and tweak it maybe. In canning it seems there is always something new to try. A new recipe or a new techinque. If it works maybe we'll do peaches too.

We have several bags of apples that O Wise One will take to the neighbors to share in our good fortune.

And then we wait for spring again and the apple blossoms to return to start this cycle all over again. Year after Year : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. That's enough to make a city girl jealous. Great use of those apples.

    Peach cobbler is my thing, but I use canned peaches. I have saved the filling in the freezer and thawed it out for later use. It always comes out fine. I'm sure yours will be fine...but let us know.

  2. So much yet to learn. Congratulations on the success with your apples. :)
    You said you hang soap to deter deer? Any particular kind of soap work better than others?
    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Your apples taste delicious! I like the way you preserve your apples. Can I have a recipe for the apple pie fillings?

  4. Yummy yummy is all I can say! I also love apple sauce for my children. I can’t wait to harvest my apples this week to have apple pie for our family gathering next week.

  5. Apples are my favorite! My mom tried to make jam out of apple and in our surprised it tasted good. I will tell my mom to try your recipes. We have lots of apple since we have 3 trees of apple in the yard. Thanks a lot for the new idea.


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