Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moon Flowers and Moths ( Get a Life!)

Years ago, before Hickory Holler, O Wise one and I lived in a little two story blue farm house in south Louisiana. We loved it there under the oaks trees on this little place with acres of strawberry fields right across the road. Across the entire front of the house was a front porch with red roses growing along it’s base. Every year I would plant large white moonflowers that would grow up the porch posts and bloom every night. During the day that porch was prime real estate for squirrel watching as the house was surrounded by towering oaks. O Wise One and I would sit in the porch swing usually with a tall glass of tea in the evenings and count the number of blooms opening up and watch the sphinx moths that would flitter around from flower to flower on the moonflowers. Oldest daughter in her usual teenage “these guys are so stupid” frame of mind decided to remind us often that we needed to get a life. No one sat and counted the flowers opening that had a life. Surely there was something going on in the world that she was missing. She felt her deprivation deeply.

Well the years have passed and O Wise One and myself moved to Missouri due to the illness of his elderly mother and the need for her to have someone close to help care for her. The little blue farmhouse was sold and we loaded up and moved to Hickery Holler.

The years have passed and we again planted moon flowers. This time so youngest daughter, baby oops, could catch sphinx moths for her insect collection. Oldest daughter is an adult now and recently married a local man that she had grown up with. She has moved back to the small town near us. She and her husband have a cute little white house with of all things a front porch. And guess what she had planted on the front porch. Moon Flowers. GUESS SHE GOT A LIFE TOO! Ya Reckon : )

Life is good in the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. rabbits ate my moonflower vines last year !
    I was so disapointed !

  2. Oh how cute!! Funny how those crazy kids grow up and finally get a life isn't it?

    We have a fishpond and spend late summer evenings sitting by the pond quietly waiting to see just how many special fish will come up for feed. My daughter said that it didn't take much to entertain us!!! Well honey, she can't afford a fishpond like we maybe yes it does take a lot to entertain us!!!!!! My oldest daughter gets really mad when she misses out on a feeding too....she is there with camera in hand when she can be there!!

    I need to plant moonflowers this year. I had them at a previous house but not here! Maybe the grandkids will think us lifeless though!!


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