The Labor Force

Canned Quilter and O Wise One

O Wise One, Baby O and the Canned Quilter

O Wise One in his military days 

Grandkids Graci, Baby Hank and Julian

Some of the Gang

Baby Hank aka The Boss

Daughters Baby O and Fred

Riley and Gypsy chief hole diggers, vole and mole patrol and the guarders of the dog biscuit bowl



Sadie the Wonder pup

Applications always available for weeders, grass mowers and dish washers. 


  1. I'm new to your blog and lovin' it. Thanks so much

  2. Oh this is too funny!!! Every family needs hole diggers and a "Boss". What a wonderful labor crew you have.

    blessings, jill

  3. I just found your blog. I'm so excited! I've pinned several of your canning recipes to try this season and there is so much more I want to check out! Thank goodness for the internet, because my family never did these things and I love that this technology can help me figure out how to live a simpler lifestyle, even in the 'burbs. Thank goodness for people like you who give us an insight to a life we might have never known!

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    1. Is that a Hooiser cabinet above the green beans. It's beautiful.
      Enjoying your blog.
      Going to try out some of your recipes. :)

    2. Yes that is a Hoosier that sits in a kitchen of a family property owned by my husbands cousin. There is also a beautiful grandfather clock that sits in the foyer that is identical to one in the village church in Ireland that his family originated from 150 years ago : )

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog (came from Pinterest) and fell in love with it. You do a wonderful job. I look forward to reading more of it!

  7. Hi, I am on a low-sodium diet and I am getting really tired of going store to store to find certain groceries, so I have decided to make my own sauce, salsa, etc. I just came across your site on Pinterest (I'm addicted to that site)and now I have a couple of questions before I get cooking. Can I put green peppers into the sauce when it is cooking before I can them? Did I miss it, or do you have a recipe for canning salsa? I have been looking for days for canning recipes and yours was the only one to "pop" out at me. The directions and pictures are so crystal clear. We "newbies at canning" really appreciate that. Thank you Judy Conway

  8. Judy click over on canning recipes and scroll down to tomatoes. You will find a link to both salsa and tomato sauce there.

  9. You should right a book! All the preserving and growing you do is lost in our day.


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